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Face the Fear and Applause Yourself Later

I know that I don’t have a much talent for languages. I don’t excel in either of Russian or English and it’s frustrating as I have been learning both of them for more than ten years. However, few weeks ago I took Spanish language course. I like this language so much that I can watch Spanish movies without subtitles. Por que? It could be an influence of Mexican soup operas I used to watch when I was little (soaps used to dominate in Latvian TV channels).

But today I accidentally found, like it happens in the internet, in the one of my favorite pages the video about getting over the fears and succeeding. The ideas of Tim Ferriss are inspiring and entertaining as well. I’m terribly afraid of jumping in water on the head, so the next thing on my list is to go to swimming pool and to try it out. Also I will continue to search for the language learning method that fits me the best.

Vodpod videos no longer available.