Why Stories?

If people stopped doing whatever they do and took a brief look at the things going around the world they would end up with the feeling that they live in crazy times. Humans do not bring peace on the earth and neither does the nature. The problems people have to face are challenging and sometimes even life-threatening, starting from hurricanes and the global economic crises till their own personal crises. Once someone has gone through the stage of suffering the values of life are revaluated. At this point stories come in human lives and speak about those values, which have survived wars and will be the human driving force for the next centuries. This is one of the reasons why stories are so important and powerful. The stories aim to satisfy one significant human need – they help to see the real values and/or virtues of life.

Like the ship needs an anchor human need virtues. Not everyone can grasp the concept of honesty, honor, value of family and the art of survival. Stories help to perceive those concepts easier as they give them feeling of reality. Especially now, when the world has become so chaotic more than ever people need to have faith in the things that may exist longer than banks. The film “Erin Brockovich” brought its own message for the world. It reveals the unfairness of the world – ordinary people who don’t have access to high ranking members of government are often being deceived. Their rights needed to be protected. The protagonist of the film Erin gets involved in the huge lawsuit against rich and powerful company; she risks with her love and family only because she believes in the righteousness. Erin Brockovich’s story speaks about those values, such as honesty and honor, which no matter of what will be important for all human races for many years.

When people pick up the book or film they voluntary agree to go on the adventures that particular story offers. Those who stand in the never ending lines waiting for the newest book of the Harry Potter know what it is to feel hungry after the stories. As they take people much further than their own imagination ever could. Stories give the audience a possibility to identify themselves with the amazing characters, like Alice in Wonderland, Indiana Jones or Superman. They can question themselves if they would ever have enough courage to do the same things as their heroes do. For example, could I build a school in Afghanistan? Greg Mortenson by telling his own story in the book “Three Cups Of Tea” is promoting a greater peace in the regions of Central Asia than American troops with military tools could do. The world needs more such inspirational stories about the real life heroes that may build the common ground for life.


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